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24 July 2007 @ 18:51
Assuming I have any readers left...  
I never thought it would happen, but since falling pregnant 15 weeks ago, I have gone off food. It started with chocolate, and then chicken. Two of my favourite things, and I haven't touched them for the past three months. Then it was all sweet things, cups of tea... At my worst, my diet consisted almost entirely of gingerale, apples, bananas, and toast.

I wrote some attempts at witty blog posts about this, but they ended up sounding whiny, and hungry, so they never made it. I tried to write about bizarre cravings, like melon (which was pretty much my favourite thing in the world for a while) but with the nausea, thinking about food was just too hard. My poor other half had to suffer through endless dinners of pasta in tomato sauce, which always seemed to go down as other things all moved to the verboten list.

Reviewing has become nigh impossible. I went to a restaurant last night and ate my soup and a quarter of my main before being stricken with heartburn that was so bad I had to leave. I can't go near a cheese shop, and when reviewing a bakery last month I had to sip a cup of ginger tea while scribbling notes as quickly as I could.

I hope that this isn't the end of this blog. I hope it's a temporary hiatus, and that it will come back stronger and better than ever, even if the only things I can think of to write about are ginger and egg and cress sandwiches (bland is key). If it doesn't happen soon, though, I fear the next updates will be of baby food and purees.

Until then, may your dinners be more exciting than mine.
Verdandi Weavesverdandiweaves on 24th July 2007 18:08 (UTC)
During your third trimester you're likely to eat everything! :)
Ishkharaishkhara on 25th July 2007 09:35 (UTC)
Oh darlin, that's dreadful. :(

My favourite meals at the moment seem to be mushrooms sauteed in butter on toast and half a watermelon, which I tuck into with a spoon. I can't imagine ever going off tea though. I did try to get you some more of that Birt & Tang ginger tea but Morrisons have stopped selling it so I think a trip to Hanover Health Foods may be in order this week - they have some lovely rosehip and hibiscus tea too.

Do you think you'll be out at Laura's leaving do this Friday?
Petit Dejeunerwhati8today on 25th July 2007 11:03 (UTC)
Yes, I should be there for Laura's.

I'm feeling less nauseous now, but still every meal is a struggle of trying to figure out what I actually want to eat. And now that baby's bones are forming, it seems to be one thing: cheese!